About YellowPeriscope

mahesh and sapna at the kochi muziris biennale

Finally we are going live on 1st January 2017. Wishing you a very happy new year. We are going to start with a short story about us and why we started Yellow Periscope…

Sapna & Mahesh

As a couple, we look forward to weekends. Sometime back, we started thinking, what can we do to expand our world a little more? And bit by bit our timeouts and getaways became special experiences. We didn’t look for a ‘tour’ we looked for a ‘travel experience’. With that shift in perspective, we started noticing moments that otherwise remain out of sight. As designers, it quickly became a source of inspiration and we started capturing them.

We also have strong individual views! Add our son, Dhruv, to this assortment of opinions and there is a third loud voice that has its own theory about how the universe functions. This makes putting up inspiration rather difficult but it also makes it multifaceted and remarkable.

The more we look through the Yellow Periscope, the more we realise that the extraordinary is right here and can very much be in our line of vision.

Thank you for visiting.