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Teenager’s Top Ten Travelling Tips

  1. Always, always walk around the locality. There’s a reason this is the first one. This is the one thing that can change your vacation. If you walk, you will get a feel of the locality and come across unexpected experience. For example, if I hadn’t walked around Kochi, and had settled for that café close to the Biennale, I wouldn’t have tasted the best orange juice I’ve ever had at a local shop.

Travel local for authentic experience. At Amravati, Maharashtra, India

  1. To check if a restaurant is authentic, look at the people who are there. If there are nearly no locals, you know it is not authentic. There was a place that I had planned to go in Kochi that was crowded with tourists. So, instead of a touristy thing and switching on zomato, we settled at a place where some locals were present. It turned out to be an awesome seafood place.

If there are nearly no locals in a restaurant, it is not authentic.

  1. Always go with the same expectations for each destination. We made this mistake when me and mum’s whole family had gone to an eating place in Jaipur about which there was a lot of chatter, only to go there and find out that it wasn’t authentic. We immediately left the place to go to the old part of the city, where we found another restaurant, which served authentic food.


  1. Explore the local markets. When me, mum and dad were in Hyderabad we went to the old city market. Over there mum found some beautiful bangles and jewellery. We also found a famous eatery which housed a biryani cherished by the locals and us.


  1. Always carry a jacket with a hoodie and a neck pillow for long travels. There have been countless instances where I have been exposed to temperature fluctuations without the jacket, distractions without the hoodie and neck pain without the neck pillow.


  1. Do research, but do not rely on it, otherwise you will only get to touristy places. When me, mum and dad drove up to Wada in Maharashtra, instead of making an itinerary, we decided where to go every fork of the road by discussing it on-the-spot.

Do research, but do not rely on it, otherwise you will only get to touristy places.

  1. Always ignore people constantly suggesting the same thing as it may be a trap. For example, in Rajasthan, we found many people insisting certain places to eat or shop. Luckily, we did not fall for those traps. We found out no information of them later.


  1. If you can’t find the place you are looking for on Google maps, do not try harder on it, especially when you are close to your location. You can ask the locals, as they can tell you where your destination is. For example, when we couldn’t find the Mattancherry Palace in Kochi, instead of trying harder on google maps, we asked the locals. They immediately gave us the fastest directions through which we reached our location.


  1. Never put everything on hold and go back to pavilion when a plan doesn’t work. It just means that something bigger is planned for you. What you can do is explore the vicinity. Like in Melghat Tiger Reserve in Central India, after a bad safari, instead of going back to our rooms, we drove up the Sipna River during the full moon night to find a breath-taking view of the water body.

Never put everything on hold when a plan doesn’t work. It just means that something bigger is planned for you.


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