A trip to Sikkim – Part 2. Lachen

We woke up the next morning in our hotel in Gangtok, replenished and ready for an adventure. Gangtok was just a stop to rest for the night. Our first destination where we were to witness something major was Lachen, which could be called a village due to its lack of supplies.

That cold, misty morning, we had breakfast at our hotel and left for Lachen. This drive was marked by jagged mountains on one side, a deep cliff on the other.  Fog surrounded us for some time during our drive, but it left us as we drove ahead.

On the way, we stopped at the five waterfalls. It was known to be pristine spot.  Although when we reached there, it was swarming with tourists. Instead of just standing there, me and my uncle explored the surroundings, finding a beautiful spot to take a snap. A bridge connected the two sides of the land, and after crossing it,  we were welcomed into North Sikkim.

A trip to sikkim. Entering North Sikkim on the way to Lachen
A bridge connected the two sides of the land, and after crossing it, we were welcomed into North Sikkim.

This beautiful drive took us through the heart of nature, many a time not a soul in sight. We continued for about half an hour, soaking in the innate magnificence of our surroundings. But such experiences do not last forever and we soon came to a checkpoint. It was here where he had to get rid of our plastic goods and materials.

After eating at a place near the checkpoint we continued further towards Lachen. We reached soon. As we moved to the location of our hotel, we saw that Lachen was a far cry from the everyday hustle and bustle of Mumbai. Here people walked calmly, no rush to go anywhere. It was as if time stopped, giving us a glimpse of this town.

Lachen could easily be called a village, as there was no proper electricity supply. In the blistering cold of the night, that  meant that there was no electricity to even give us a heater. Meanwhile, in a hotel five floors tall, there was no elevator. Our grandparents had a hard time climbing the stairs, as our room was on the fifth floor. But it repaid us for the effort, for a beautiful view awaited us above.

By the time we had reached our hotel it was already dark, car lights flashing ahead. It was five in the evening but darkness had befallen Lachen. Half an hour later, the moon shined forth in all its intensity, glowing as if it was midnight.

We quickly ate our dinner, sleeping early to be up at four in the morning, for there was to be one of the most memorable events of the trip to come at daybreak tomorrow.

Sikkim is one of the most environmentally conscious states in India.  The ban on plastic, public smoking and urinating in the open is successfully executed.


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